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The VIP Snowmobile Package

Get ready for the greatest snowmobile trip of your life.  

This is an all inclusive package that includes a guide that will take you to the best riding, all of your fuel & oil, amazing 5 star lodging (which has a big screen high speed internet, a private porch with a killer view, granite countertops, extremely comfortable couches, a washer & dryer and many other perks). It also includes special catered drinks, food. It includes avalanche and mountain riding skills training (if you want it), as well as several other VIP style perks. 

See a comprehensive video here:

Included in this VIP package: 

  • 5 Star Lodging

  • Special Ordered, All You Can Eat Food & Drinks

  • A Guide

  • Avalanche Training (If requested)

  • Avalanche Equipment 

  • Skills Training 

  • Fuel & Oil

  • Covered Snowmobile Parking

  • Rental Sleds Are Available But Not Included


VIP Guided Snowmobile Riding

We will take you out and help you find the best snow on the mountain.


We also have avalanche training that we can provide if you want it. This LIFE SAVING training includes practice on:

  • How to use a transceiver, a probe.

  • How to command and lead a search effort.

  • How to read a avalanche field and how to look for most likely places to dig. 

  • Real world training on the kinds of snow and slopes that slide. 

We typically ride for about 5-6 hours per day. And we include your preference of either a hot fire-cooked meal, or ready made snacks which you can grab from your cabin. 

We can also provide some skills training on mountain riding skils such as tree riding, side hilling, throttle control, brake control, eye discipline, riding position, and tips on how to get unstuck and how to recover or tow a dead sled. All of which will greatly improve your mountain riding skills and make you a far better rider! 



Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 1.06.08 PM.png

* There are two double beds. A group of 4 can be accomaded in situations where there are 2 couples who wish to share a bed. For groups of 3, 4, or 5, who do not wish to share a bed, we have comfortable XL cots with fitted mattresses.

There are two rooms.


5 Star Lodging

The 5 star lodging has its own private elevated balcony, high speed internet, Verizon service, a TV, unlimited hot water, plenty of hanger space, a wood fireplace, comfortable couches and much more. 

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