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 We offer the following: 

Beginning & Intermediate Guided Rides

Advanced Guided Rides

Mountain Skills Riding Clinic

Avalanche Certification Course

Snowmobile Rentals

VIP (All Inclusive Snowmobile Package)

At 10,500 feet we have some of the greatest snow in North America. Starting right from the Grand Mesa Lodge, you are already at 10,500 feet and so you don’t have to ride a washed out trail for the first part of your ride. World class riding begins a few hundred yards from the lodge! We get an average of 400-500 inches per year. We have excellent terrain, meadows, cornices, lakes, and unbelievable views. And our trees are perfectly spaced out. 

We offer lodging--14 private cabins and a one-bedroom lodge suite. If you stay at the Grand Mesa Lodge, you will NOT need to trailer your snowmobile once you get here. The best riding starts a stone's throw from your cabin.

The lodge has a restaurant, which offers pizza and a selection of very hearty soups--AND breakfast.  The lodge also has a store, which provide a lot of essential items you may forget, as well as breakfast food--the cabins have kitchenettes.

Please call us at 970-444-1517 to book a snowmobiling adventure with us!

Advanced Guiding.jpeg

Guided Rides (Advanced)

Advanced guiding rides are typically for those who have their own snowmobile, but are either not familiar with the terrain or the avalanche danger.  If you don't have a snowmobile, and would like to do an advanced guided ride, you can rent one--but you must have some experience riding. 


This is a great option for riders who are unfamiliar with our mountain, or who are unfamiliar with mountain riding in general. For example, if you're from the Midwest, or if you are not avalanche certified, and you are unfamiliar with the Grand Mesa, you can hire one of our snowmobiling guides to go with you.  We can help show you terrain, and keep you in terrain that has a lower danger of avalanche risk. We will get you into the best snow, and the best areas.  

We also rent snow bikes for advanced guided rides. 

The price ranges from $350-$800 per day depending on the guide and the number of riders.

Guided Rides (Beginner and intermediate)

This is generally for people who don't own a snowmobile. Guided rides are the best way to experience the Grand Mesa in the winter. Your guide will take you through pristine wilderness. You will see a world you didn't even know existed--forested trails, open meadows and unparalleled vistas. All rides leave right from Grand Mesa Lodge and include any gear you don't have.

We have ski-doo 600s and 850s. We charge $179 for the all inclusive ride; including your snowmobile, fuel, oil, and any clothing or other gear you may need, AND the snowmobile guide--however tipping your guide is appreciated.  You will also need to purchase a equipment  protection plan; these plans start at $19. The 850 snowmobiles are $35 extra. If you have a child we allow you to ride double ($35 extra). For adults its best for each person to ride single rather than to double up. 


Most rides are mid day rides. You will need to arrive at 9:00 or BEFORE!. You should be back and done by about 2:00.  The ride is about three hours in the saddle. You will see unbelievable views and have the time of your life! 

Call the lodge to reserve your ride or click here to book online!


Avalanche Certification Clinic

Our avalanche certification course is a three day course. (2 of which are spent on the snow, and the other “day” is done online)  It’s a Level 1 certification course. 


We also strongly recommend that you stay at the Grand Mesa Lodge in one of our cabins. This is a very comprehensive course on avalanche safety.


The price is $550 per person.

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Mountain Skills Clinic

Our Mountain Skills clinic is either a 2 day or 4 day riding clinic. We provide avalanche training, riding-skills training, survival & extraction training, and we also spend about 40-60% of our time riding for fun--with a expert guide who knows where to find the powder!

In a nutshell: You know you need avalanche training. You know you could use some dead sled extraction training and/or you know you could use some mountain riding training. But also you want to ride for fun! I mean, who wants to come all the way out here and spend 2-4 days just learning. So we have developed a clinic that mixes training with guided, for-fun riding. We can effectively provide condensed, value-rich avalanche training which focuses solely on the most important practical elements of avalanche training, and also provide mountain riding training, and on top of that we can provide some training on ancillary skills like dead sled extraction.

For those people who don't want to spend several days in a clinic where they are fully focus on doing avalanche training, this is a good option where you get only the most practical avalanche training. This is not a certification course. It's an all killer, no filler course. We focus on the most important aspects of avalanche training and mountain skills training. For example, we teach you how to use transceivers, probes, and how to read terrain and identify slide risks. We teach wrong foot forward, carving (counter steering), tree riding and side hilling. When you complete this course you will be MUCH, MUCH more qualified to ride safely in the mountains and to handle whatever comes your way.  We have rental sleds if needed. 

The price is:

$590 per person for the 2 day. (includes food)

$890 for the 4 day. (includes food)


You must book in advance! Lodging is available at a 10% discount. Call to book the cabin. 

This price includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast consists of sausage or bacon, waffles, toast, gourmet oatmeal, and orange juice. Lunch consists of grab and go snacks, and dinner consists of pizza, soup, stew, or chili, and we also provide ice cream or cheesecake desserts. Sometimes we also have cobblers. 

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Avalanche Clinic
Mountain Skills
Snowmobile Rentals.jpg

Snowmobile Rentals

We rent Skidoo 850s and 600s to customers who hire a GML guide. In some cases, we will rent snowmobiles to individuals without a guide; we only do this for individuals who have backcountry riding experience on the Grand Mesa. Typically this requires customers to hire a guide for at least one day. You are fully responsible for any damage to the sled.


 The price for an 850s is $399 per day, and the price for 600s is $299 per day.

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